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Preschool Art Classes
Mommy & Me
mandmHave you ever seen a child make playdough, glue jewels on an egg carton and call it a caterpillar, stand at an easel and paint glorious swaths of color (or 3 colors all mixed together) onto one piece of paper, sing, a song, string some beads, all in an hour? Well that's what you will see in a typical Mommy & Me class! Take one 2-4 yr. old, one Mom, Dad, Nanny or Grandparent, one hour, a main craft, some smaller crafts, a painting, a story and a song, and you have a Mommy & Me class! Fast-paced, active, and fun! This is a great way to bring out the artist in your little one!

Ages: 2-4

Dates: Jan 25 - Apr 5
Time: Mon or Tues: 10:00-11:00
Location: Mt. Washington
Cost: $215

Art Play
artplayImagine a group of 4-year olds sitting around a table with their teacher. They are giggling and laughing as they choose which color glitter to use, and which jewels to glue on. They are quiet and serious as they focus on neatly pouring their sand into their sand art bottles. They know how to paint at their easels, and they love to listen to a story - about an artist, a color, a theme - and then they will tell you that they know all about blue, they have a blue shirt! Or they know all about a still life, because they buy fruit at a grocery store! The world is a very exciting place, and they are creative and eager to explore!

Ages: 3-6

Dates: Jan 25 - Apr 5 or Jan 27 - Apr 7
Time: Wed or Fri: 1:00-2:30
Location: Mt. Washington
Cost: $215

Young Artists
youngThis is a wonderful class for young artists! One week we do a painting project, and the next we do a fun and imaginative crafts project. We experiment with many different mediums - paint, charcoal, clay, paper mache, glue, beads, sparkly jewels! We read about different artists and explore artistic techniques - all while having fun!

Dates: Saturdays: Jan28 - Apr 8
Time: 10:00-11:30
Location: Mt. Washington
Cost: $215